A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Winter is coming! Collect enough nuts and return them to your tree each year before you freeze! As a humble squirrel, you can only carry up to 5 nuts at a time, so plan your trips accordingly. Be sure to watch out for cats, cars, and river crossings that show up over the years as your habitat shrinks and becomes more dangerous.

Submission for UT's Game Jam 2019 hosted by EGaDS.


Arrow Keys or WASD to move

Space bar to shoot nuts – Stun the cat or shoot them into your home tree


Programmers: Aimery Methena, Eric Li, Andrew Luo, Joshua Brown, Adan Peninger, Olivia Schweers

Artists: Olivia Schweers, Kurt Williams, Eric Li

Audio: Andrew Luo

Special Thanks to: EGaDS/UT Game Jam sponsors and mentors, Twisted Pixel, our mentor Kurt Williams

Install instructions

Mac: After downloading, right click file and select Open

Windows: Download folder, unzip, and run executable.


Winter's Return.app.zip 27 MB
WintersReturnWindows.zip 26 MB

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