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After being struck by lightning, the tree housing your nest flees into the woods consumed by existential dread. Now the bird that lived in that tree must save their own home. This asymmetric 2.5-D multiplayer game pins one tree against it's own inhabitant. As a newly sentient being, end your short existence by crashing into thorns scattered around the forest. As the bird, prevent your home's destruction by continually patching it up until it tires out and possibly gain a new friend.

Designers:  Dane Byrd, Basilio Bazan lll

Producer: Dane Byrd

Programmers: Tony Nguyen,  Angel Argandona, Ivan Olin

Artists: Olivia Schweers, Adriana Gonzales, Johnathan Tran

Composer and Sound Engineer: Matthew Zhang

Controls (DualShock4 controllers):

Joystick – Navigate menu, Move Tree/Owl

X – Select, Owl throw

Options – Pause

This game was a submission to the 2020 Global Game Jam.

Install instructions

Each file upload is a zip that includes source files and an executable - for both Mac and PC.


mourning-wood-mac.zip 44 MB
mourning-wood-windows.zip 43 MB

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