A downloadable game for Windows

Soar through the skies as a mighty dragon! Collect gold and treasure that was stolen from you by the villagers, then blast the town away as your revenge.

Note: You need a VR Headset!


UI Art- Olivia Schweers

3D Modeling and Texturing- Audrey Webb, Adriana Gonzales

Animations- Adriana Gonzales

Sound Effects- Emily Meo

Visual Effects- Adriana Gonzales, Audrey Webb, Olivia Schweers

Programming- Jorge Ortiz, Olivia Schweers

Majority of game built from scratch, from coding to modeling to textures.

Outsourced Asset Credits:

Crystal textures by Playmint on Unity Asset Store, Fonts from Da Font, fire particle effect By Twelve on the Unity Asset Store, skybox by Eclypso on Unity Asset Store,  some materials from 3D Cartoon Village pack by COMlad812 on Unity Asset Store.


Dragon Dash Build.zip 48 MB


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What are the controls? The game doesn't work past title screen no matter what I press on both joystick or keyboard. (Windows 7)

You need a VR headset to play... Updated the game description accordingly. Sorry for the confusion!